My podcasts.

My podcast projects.

Title: My favorite celebrity.
  • Main objective: Describe the life of celebrities summarizing their biographies. You can search on Internet the life of writers, scientists, businesspeople, world leaders and summarize it.
  • Level: Beginners
  • Class type: Undergraduate students.
  • Aim: summarize biographies using pictures and recording the summary.
  • Activity focus: reading-speaking
  • Time: Max 3 minutes
  • Material:   Computer with access to Internet / Headphones
1.   Teacher tells students they will create a glog to describe the celebrity they have searched. Here is a site for searching.
2. Teacher shows how to  create a glog.
3. Students download Audacity and record a biography summary  using  Audacity.
4. Teacher shows participants how to record using Audacity.
5. Students link the glog in google doc.
6. Each student chooses two biographies and checks the glog listens to the podcast embedded and writes a comment on google doc.
7. Teacher checks the glogs and feedbacks on google docs.
8. At the end of the semester, teacher evaluates them using a rubric.
9. Each  student chooses one recorded biography and evaluates himself/herself  using a rubric

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